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International Accounting

International Accounting is the one-stop shop for all your accounting needs for customers based in more than one country in the Nordic region and beyond.

Get help with accounting in more than one country


Get company-specific help from one contact-point and country-specific support in local language

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Take control of your finances with one common business platform and reporting method in real-time

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Save time and resources with a single service and system provider. Integrate your software into our solution to get the best setup for your business

International expertise always available with Azets

International business comes with thousands of big and small tasks to make it possible, including keeping up with country specific legal requirements and systems. We are here to help you with all of this, so you can lift your gaze and look ahead. 

We offer harmonised services for all Nordic countries and beyond. We are able to bridge the gap between countries with a common software platform and a coordinated multinational team. This allows streamlined communication and information sharing, with real-time reporting tools between client and consultant - so geographical distance will no longer be a hindrance for efficient working. Our approach is to offer you a group wide finance function, to help you reach your goals, but also to have a local view, so that the country-specific needs at the local offices are met. 

Let Azets handle your international operations
- we can tie up all the lose ends

International Accounting is based on robust system platforms. All systems are proven to handle operations of large international companies, as well as SMEs. We offer services beyond just fulfilling local legal requirements, and ensure the efficiency of your business by having the same service provider in each country.

We offer you a coordinated cross-border finance operation, not just the system and local contacts. We operate according to common processes and we offer all financial solutions.

Our expertise is to make companies more efficient by streamlining and automating their processes, with seamless collaboration between client and consultant.

In addition to quality control and coordination, the offering includes: 

  • Record to report (general ledger, fixed assets, inventory management, monthly and annual closing consolidation, group reporting (including IFRS), financial reporting and management reporting)
  • Purchase to pay (payment process, accounts payable, purchase invoice handling) 
  • Order to cash (accounts receivable, collection handling, payment matching) 

We have set up the service based on the best products on the market, you do not need to worry about resources or systems.

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International expertise in one point of contact

With branches in different countries, or even over long distances in one country, you have to rely on communication and easy sharing of your work. When you need somewhere to turn to for assistance in accounting, we make sure to offer you a single point-of-contact, with experts who can advise on both your company in general and for specific countries’ local legislations. Having one place to turn to, instead of a set of partners, will ensure that you rely on a united source of information and assistance when the time calls for it.

Gather all your software in one platform

Engagement in multiple countries often comes with a large collection of different financial management software. The International Accounting team is able to gather your systems into one comprehensive solution. We are also able to integrate your current software into our solution, if you would like to continue with it. In addition to being a leading provider of accounting services, Azets also has a strong IT team that gives our customers the optimal customised software solution when needed.

  • A customised IT solution, with your established software integrated in our platform, or our own collection of premium administration tools developed for seamless financial reporting
  • Get more synchronised reporting in all countries
  • Systems that talk together
  • All administration tools in one platform
  • Single-sign-on

Azets provides everything related to accounting - in a system platform optimised for finance, with the latest automation innovation. Our platform ensures a harmonised integration with any required system in your environment. It comes with a full scale BI-system that can be set up to any needs your business has. Updating the IT-systems and their maintenance is Azets' responsibility - so you can look up from the administrative work and concentrate on analysing your business.  


Nordic Payroll- we have everything you need for a seamless international payroll function.

What we offer

Get assistant with your business in Norway and internationally:

Telephone:  +47 40 10 40 18 

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