Consultant working for expats in Norway

Expats services in Norway

With in-depth expertise on foreign workers, we offer advice and help with formalities.

Working as an expat leads to obligations to Norway. It is important that public duties are taken care of when companies have foreign employees in Norway. 



Reporting on time to Norwegian authorities

Avoid fines and deliver correct reports in time


Individual tax-return

Make sure that employees gets correct tax-return and avoid penalties 


Smooth registration of employees

Tax deduction card, Work permission and D-number done by specialists.

Services for expats in Norway

Foreign workers in Norway - labor that crosses borders - represents the greatest need for advice to foreign companies, both because the Norwegian labor market is very strictly regulated, and because there are many different laws and regulations to deal with that are unknown to foreign actors.

Azets help companies and their employees to make sure that everything is handled correctly.

Benefits the employee and the employer.

As an employer of foreign workers in Norway there are many rules to consider and formalities to go through.

Hanne Steenhof
Special Advisor

Get assistant with your business in Norway and internationally:

Telephone:  +47 40 10 40 18 

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Frequently asked question regarding expats

What is a tax deduction card

All people that work in Norway must have a tax deduction card to deal with tax to the authorities

What is a Norwegian D-number

All workers must have a national identity number or a D-number