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VAT-representation in Norway

Foreign businesses selling goods or services subject to VAT within Norway, are liable for VAT. They need to be registered in the VAT-register.

If your business do not have any place of business, you must be registered in the VAT-register through a fiscal representative. Azets is the fiscal representative for more than 80 international companies and one of the biggest actors in the Norwegian market.

Services as fiscal representative

  • Handle vouchers
  • Fixed assets administration
  • VAT-calculation and reporting
  • Reporting to official authorities
  • Financial reports on all levels

Reports Fiscal representative

Norwegian VAT regulation

The Norwegian VAT regulations state that the VAT must be reported in the period when the invoicing takes place, and not when your clients make their payments or when you pay your suppliers.

Our VAT representation is based on routines governed by Norwegian Law and VAT regulations. We report the VAT on due dates, and transfer funds to the VAT cashier directly from your bank account. Together, we are responsible for VAT being calculated and paid. As collateral for this responsibility, a bank guarantee or bank deposit must be issued.

The handling in Norway is generally the same as in other European countries. However, since Norway is not an EU-member we are not governed by EU's regulations.

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VAT in Norway 
- experts through Azets

VAT is payable on all sales of goods and services, except those that have been specifically exempted. Foreign businesses who start up business activities liable to VAT in Norway must calculate and pay VAT in the same way as Norwegian businesses.

Azets provide you with VAT-experts independent of type of business and registration in Norway.

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