Payroll services designed to fit your every need

Our experienced consultants have broad experience from companies of all branches and sizes. We offer both complex and straight forward calculations of payroll, tax deductions and variable hours and pay dates.

It is mandatory for all employers to report employment, payments, remunerations, employer's national insurance contributions and advance tax deductions to the authorities. Depending on various tax treaties, income is often liable for Norwegian income taxation and Norwegian National Insurance. It is easy to get lost in the complex regulations for employment and payroll in Norway. The fact that the area is strictly regulated by legislation makes it even more difficult to maneuver in.



Our payroll services:

  • Payroll calculation
  • Travel and expense reports
  • Absence and overtime handling
  • Sick leave refund/reimbursements
  • Reporting
  • Year-end procedures 
  • Benefits administration
  • Pension administration
  • Expatriate and in patriate processing

Manage your payroll and HR easily

MyVisma is our automated solution for payroll and HR management. Spend even less time on payroll administration. All the tools you need made easily available with single sign-on. The portal is accessible for our customers in the Nordic countries.

Wide range of HR-services 

Our HR experts provide a wide range of services to our customers. Whether you need assistance related to working contracts, job interviews, statutory follow-up of sick leaves or pension schemes: We’ve got you covered.  

HR services

Download checklist for holiday planning

Holiday planning

Calculating and reporting to the Norwegian authorities

Make sure all reporting to the authorities and payments are carried out throughout the year – including annual statements.

Reports through the scheme "A-meldingen" include monthly reporting on pay and tax deducted, annual reporting of basis for employer’s social security contributions as well as other mandatory reporting to the Norwegian authorities.

Tax calculation

Nordic payroll 

Employees in more than one Nordic country

Does your company also have employees in other Nordic countries as Sweden, Denmark or Finland?

We deliver efficient solutions with one point of contact and provide the expertise of local legislations in each of the Nordic countries.

Read more about Nordic payroll

Expats in Norway

We can assist your company complying with payroll- and employment legislation for people working in Norway for a shorter or longer term, with a citizenship in an other country.

Read more about our services for Expats

Registerred in Norway

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